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Donor Engagement:

Reporting & Feedback

We believe the key to sustained support is keeping the donors on the pulse of the progress

We believe the right way to engage the donors is by making them part of the developing story. If the donor has supported your cause, most likely they are invested in the progress and success of your campaign. Alienating or distancing the donor in any form is akin to suicide in the fundraising parlance. Reporting the happenings regularly in warm and simple terms is paramount to keep them close.

Our approach towards reporting and taking feedback is deceptively simple. We endeavour to present the facts honestly and tell your story in a simple and sweet way. Though the facts and figures are important for monitoring and evaluation purposes, reporting to donors is a different ball game altogether. The numbers and dry data may seem intimidating for untrained eyes and may hide the important aspect of change in people’s lives. We try to present your story in a warm humane way.

Functions under Reporting & Feedback

Individual donor reporting

The joy of letting the donor know how they’re impacting

The individual donors are concerned about people who are at the receiving end. They wouldn’t care less about your balance sheet and the enormous numbers that may seem to impress you. Individual donors want their help to impact other individuals and they want to know their story. We help you pick important stories and tell them in a convincing manner.

CSR reporting

We can convey effectively the impact on investment

The people in the corporate world are hardwired to look at funds in terms of growth and return on investment. Their pursuit is always to make most out of their bank. In this regard, we present your side of the story in a language that they understand. We explain to them how efficiently their money was spent, and how effective the impact has been.

Institutional donor reporting

We report on your actions and delivery of results

The representatives of the institutional donors are interested in knowing the progress of your actions and your ability to manage the resources according to the plan. They are acutely aware of the promises you made in terms of outputs and outcomes and their concern is related to the deadlines and results. We create reports that present you in a great light and meet the expectations expressed by the donors since the beginning.

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