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Integral World's six-step process cycle is consciously taken to ensure consistency and success in all actions. This is the core of all their actions, including strategic planning, outreach, and implementation.


Our six-step process cycle is

Designed to
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We take our steps consciously, for we know the direction and success of the forthcoming actions depend on it. Each informs the other and many such journeys have formed our intuition. This proprietary 6I Model of Integral World is the core of all our actions – strategic planning, outreach and implementation.

Integral World has designed a proprietary six-step process cycle that is consciously taken to ensure consistency and success in all actions. This 6I model is the core of all our actions, including strategic planning, outreach, and implementation. Our vision is to realize human unity, where all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity, equality, prosperity, and a healthy environment, while striving for peace and unity. Our goal is to leverage communication strategically to bring positive change and make the world a better place.

We believe that better communication can change the world, and by integrating everyone, we can build a better world. Our broad and long view helps us build a win-win world, one step at a time. We strive to tell gripping stories in an effective and efficient manner to move, motivate, or mandate the audience. Our experience of being an integral part of transformative development organizations helps us succeed in our mission.

Our integrated method of planning and working is multi-directional, dimensional, and demographical, helping us achieve a comprehensive approach. We aim to use strategic communication to help NGOs, institutions, government, and CSR perform to the best of their abilities by making their actions speak. Let us integrate together to make the world a better place.

Step One:


The process of exploring and comprehensively understanding challenges and opportunities through diverse perspectives. A holistic amanner.

Inquiry is the process of exploring and understanding the challenges and opportunities in a holistic manner. It involves asking questions, gathering information, and examining different perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding of a situation. Through inquiry, we can identify the root causes of problems and uncover new insights that can inform effective decision-making.

The process of thorough research and comprehensive understanding, leading to better decisions, increased awareness, and the development of new ideas.

Step Two:


Acquiring profound knowledge to make informed decisions, leading to positive outcomes. To gain deep understanding and insights that aids actions.


Insight is the process of gaining a deep understanding and knowledge that informs effective decision-making. It involves analyzing data, synthesizing information, and drawing conclusions to gain a deeper understanding of a situation. Insights help us to see patterns, identify trends, and understand the underlying causes of problems, which can lead to better decision-making and more effective solutions.

Acquiring deep knowledge through analysis, reflection, and observation, leading to effective decision-making, innovative solutions, and informed action.

Step Three:


Developing creative solutions for intricate problems through exploration of new ideas and approaches and address the complex issues head-on.

Innovation is the process of creatively developing solutions that address complex problems. It involves taking a fresh approach, challenging assumptions, and thinking outside of the box. Innovation helps us to find new and more effective ways of doing things, leading to better outcomes and improved results.

The process of exploration and experimentation to develop new, creative ideas, leading to improved products, services, and outcomes.

Step Four:


Synthesizing varied viewpoints and methodologies to create an all-inclusive approach. To bring together diverse perspectives and approaches for a comprehensive approach.


Integration is the process of bringing together diverse perspectives and approaches for a comprehensive approach. It involves collaboration, coordination, and communication among different stakeholders to achieve a common goal. Integration helps us to leverage the strengths of different perspectives and approaches, leading to a more holistic and effective solution.

Combining diverse perspectives and methodologies to create an inclusive approach, leading to comprehensive solutions and a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Step Five:


Executing plans to bring about tangible and positive changes. To put plans into action for progressive impact.

Implementation is the process of putting plans into action for tangible impact. It involves setting goals, defining objectives, and executing plans to achieve desired outcomes. Implementation requires careful planning, effective communication, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure success.

The process of executing plans and strategies, leading to tangible and positive changes, improved performance, and the achievement of desired outcomes.

Step Six:


Reflecting and assessing progress towards continuous improvement, learning from experience and refining strategies for better outcomes.


Introspection is the process of reflecting and evaluating progress for continuous improvement. It involves taking time to examine the results of our actions, analyzing our strengths and weaknesses, and identifying areas for improvement. Introspection helps us to learn from our experiences, make necessary adjustments, and continuously improve our processes and outcomes.

Reflection and self-evaluation, leading to personal and professional growth, improved decision-making, and continuous improvement of strategies and approaches.

Change is not an event, it’s a process.

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