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Project Promotion:

Project Branding

We create a localised identity for the project to stand and survive on its own

The purpose of the project branding is to make sure that the visibility of the efforts are not lost in actions. Moreover it helps in keeping the outlook of the initiative neutral to the organisations involved. This in turn reduces misunderstanding and everyone partakes with equal authority and responsibility. If promoting a project is part of your mandate then the branding of it is an inevitable exercise.

We approach the project branding with utmost care and being sensitive to the needs of multiple stakeholders. We study the symbols and metaphors that denote your action and find subtle but effective ways to express through iconic branding. We take into account the requirements of your supporters and notice the behaviour and preferences of your constituents before coming up with draft editions. Once the most appealing and appropriate one is chosen, we proceed to include new opinions to finesse and finalise it. If required we create multiple language editions to multiple locations.

Functions under Project Branding


The name contains a lot and conveys a lot more

The first step to any branding exercise is the name itself. We give great attention to the process of selecting a name. It has to convey the purpose in a minimalistic manner and yet be simplistic to remember. Ease of saying it is another important stage it has to cross. We examine its meaning in multiple languages and context to make sure it works at all levels.


The visual outlook lends credibility and character

The next step is determination and definition of visual elements to comply with the project outline and amplify the personality of the project. Through the visual identity your colleagues, supporters and constituents establish the relationship with a brand name. This requires deep thinking, with strong communication and design skills, and an intimate understanding of all parent brands.


We set common ground rules to reduce mistrust & confusion

A brand guide is the essential tool for organisations that gives clear guidelines on how to communicate a project effectively. It details the style, voice and the intended audience of the work and ensures consistency across all their communication channels. It defines what's accepted and what's not and makes the rules clearer for everyone.

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