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Capacity Building:

Team-building Workshops

We create companionship and camaraderie amongst your cadre towards the cause

For proper implementation of projects, organisations require better performance and efficiency amongst the team members. A lack of cohesiveness in teamwork allows for the proliferation of lethargy and sluggishness in performance. We promote the strengthening of accountability frameworks and mindsets to voluntarily take up responsibilities.

Our team-building workshops are designed to burst with creativity, energy and passion. We encourage you to generate ideas, solve problems and build team spirit with our high-energy workshops. We instill the notion that we’re better together, and we ourselves believe in it. We make the team understand that working together is actually more important than who’s on the team. We train the team to work effectively together, aligned behind a clear purpose, with defined goals and roles.

Functions under Team-building Workshops

Internal Team Building

We encourage collective spirit and build coherence

We work with you to design a suitable session specifically for your internal team to benefit from and find the togetherness. We enable the top leadership to lead and drive the agenda and experience the session with the team. We strive to align the team on the key aspects like vision, purpose, values, etc. and achieve a clear sense of the team working on something meaningful, that matters and creates change. We can help leaders and managers boost team spirit, encourage initiative and build engagement in their teams. We help your team identify and build on their strengths, and collaborate better through embracing varied work styles.

Partnership Building

We help assimilate diverse energies and strike accord

Our partnership building workshops enable team members of different organisations to take part in a number of facilitated discussions and activities to explore the topics and challenges most relevant to your’s and others’ team and learn to work in tandem to achieve larger targets. Through exercises we demonstrate the benefits of sharing the load. Each person’s ideas build on those of others, and everyone takes equal ownership of success and failure. We emphasize psychological safety and build a safe environment where team members feel comfortable and confident enough to take risks.

Network Building

We coordinate and converge wide disconnected range of viewsv

We facilitate and create capacities for multiple teams to come together for a cause. We enable the process of bonding and integrate with each other. The workshop is organised towards different topics depending on the specific areas you’re looking to develop and create unique network building opportunities. We help the new members to connect and build team spirit by getting aligned to the collaboration effectively. We prioritise and schedule work together, focusing intently on the purpose of meetings and project planning. In conjunction with everyone, we establish rules and best practices for delegation, feedback and knowledge sharing within the network.

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