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For us, choosing a side is not a choice. We’re passionate about some topics and want to see overall positive change. We’ve initiated a few new campaigns and support some existing ones.


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Occasionally, we find ourselves compelled by specific issues or circumstances, sparking a desire to initiate our own campaigns to address the gaps.

As a nonprofit organization, we strive to collaborate with existing development initiatives and enhance their efforts for sustainable progress. However, we often encounter an uneven distribution of programs across different issues. When we identify gaps or neglected areas, we don’t wait for others to act—we take the initiative ourselves.

Before launching into action, we conduct thorough studies to understand the issue, stakeholder dynamics, and reasons behind the lack of attention. We brainstorm internally to devise solutions, then test and refine them with small focus groups. Once validated, we engage with stakeholders to scale up our efforts into larger campaigns.

We are driven by our belief in holistic and sustainable progress. Any neglected aspect can hinder the achievement of broader goals. We fund our campaigns through consultancy programs and rely on your generous support to continue this vital work. Join us in making a difference.


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IntegralWorld-Partner-campaign-icon-Spirit of the Future

Spirit of the Future

"Spirit of the Future" is a visionary initiative designed to reshape global governance and cooperation by assisting UN’s effforts. In the face of the Summit of the Future and unprecedented global challenges, this endeavor draws inspiration from the spirit of Auroville, presenting a comprehensive approach to address the urgent need for unity and collaboration.


Human Progress Metrics

IntegralWorld’s transformative exploration is about finding a paradigm-shifting approach to gauging human well-being. In a world where traditional metrics fall short, this index redefines purpose, pursuit, and progress, emphasizing the integration of material success with conscious evolution.

IntegralWorld-Partner-campaign-icon-Human Progress Metrics
IntegralWorld-Partner-campaign-icon-The South Star

The South Star

Step into a world where development knows no bounds—where every individual, regardless of geography, is empowered to thrive. "The South Star," a groundbreaking initiative by IntegralWorld, emerges as a beacon of hope in the Global South, charting a course towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Awaken Asia

"Awaken Asia'' embodies IntegralWorld's commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and community engagement across Asia. Inspired by Sri Aurobindo's vision, this initiative aims to break free from colonial legacies and ignite a reawakening towards holistic development in the region.


Better Bharat 2030

"Better Bharat 2030" is dedicated to empowering India on its journey to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the year 2030. This transformative program aims to catalyze comprehensive change across diverse sectors, steering the nation toward a future marked by prosperity, inclusivity, and sustainability.


Shining State

We are driven by the vision of achieving a transformational and sustained delivery of development within a state, with a strong focus on creating success stories to establish a sustainable cycle of prosperity creation.

IntegralWorld-Partner-campaign-icon-A Shining State
IntegralWorld-Partner-campaign-icon-District Development Drive

District Development Drive

Engage with us in fostering inclusive growth and empowering marginalized communities across 112 underdeveloped districts. Through strategic interventions and collaborative efforts, we ignite progress, enriching lives, and forging a resilient future for all.


Integrated Village Development

Let’s transform rural landscapes into vibrant hubs of prosperity and well-being. Through this initiative, we empower communities, promote sustainability, and foster inclusive growth, ensuring a brighter future for all.

IntegralWorld-Partner-campaign-icon-IVDI - Integrated Village development Initiative


In a world grappling with escalating complexities, the imperative for inventive and sustainable solutions has never been more pressing. "Auroville & SDG" emerges as an extraordinary solution to seamlessly intertwine the visionary ideals of Auroville with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Conscious Evolution

Step into a realm of possibility with Conscious Evolution, where personal and collective growth converge. Together, we envision a world transformed by spiritual awakening and divine realization, for better.

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We would love to listen to your ideas, opinions, advices, criticisms, insights, or perhaps, just a word of encouragement.​

Life is a campaign not a battle, and has its defeats as well as its victories.

Don Piatt