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For us, choosing a side is not a choice. We’re passionate about some topics and want to see positive change. We’ve initiated a few new campaigns and support some existing ones.


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At times, we are moved by certain issues or situations and feel the urge to launch our own campaign to tackle the shortcoming.

Being a nonprofit, our endeavour is to align with other development initiatives and bolster their efforts to progress sustainably. While doing this regularly, we often come across multiple programmes on some issues and some sparse programmes on other issues. And, rarely we also notice lacuna in terms of attention to certain concerns. Rather than waiting from someone to fill the gap, we feel compelled to take the initiative ourselves.

Even when we see the gap, before jumping into action, we conduct an extensive study to understand the topic, situation of the stakeholders, lack of interest on the part of concerned parties and underlying experiences and reasons for not having any solution in the first place. After the preliminary study, we brainstorm internally and come with possible solutions. We test and prototype on a small focus group to gauge its efficacy. Once we are convinced of the results and confident to scale we network with possible stakeholders and moot a larger-scale campaign to address the initially neglected or underserved issue. 

We feel the urge to start or support certain campaigns because we believe in the integral and sustainable progress of our world. Any aspect left behind or undernourished may hamper the completion of the larger picture. We self-start and self-sustain our campaigns based on the reserves we’re able to generate through our consultancy programmes. We urge you to generously support us in our programmes to help us do these much-required work.


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Land 4 Auroville

Efforts and progress are being made to safeguard the planned Auroville Universal Township area so as to ensure a harmonious and unified emergence of Auroville as a unique place on earth! It is important to safeguard the planned township area. Your contribution will be appreciated.

One of the major challenges Auroville is facing today is to secure the integrity of its material foundation, the required lands for the envisioned universal township. The rapid unregulated development of nearby Pondicherry and the resulting increase in land prices endangers Auroville’s harmonious and unified development. Considerable financial support is needed to acquire the land that is vital for actualizing Auroville’s vision and to lay infrastructure, grow healthy food, conserve water and create an overall environment for a new civilization – civilization of the future.

Your contributions will help to protect Auroville – and will be an act of solidarity for the Vision and its realisation.


Covid19 Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in an era of economic recession and uncertainty. As in any crisis, the impact of this pandemic will be felt the most by the poorest of the poor.

In India, the unprecedented national lockdown has severely affected the basic livelihood security of a large number of people engaged in the informal sector. Even though the national and state governments have announced relief measures, the most vulnerable sections of the society who lack a ration card (that is an officially registered address) will not be eligible for any relief schemes.

Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) was contacted by village leaders and youth to help in identifying such destitute people in the region and providing them with immediate relief measures. AVAG, with its network of Community-Based Organizations (CBO),  women’s self-help groups in each village are trying to reach that last mile where the government schemes and policies have not reached. We have identified about 1000 people in 35 villages who are in dire need of immediate aid.
We would like to help by giving materials in kind. Each beneficiary will get a relief packet worth Rs.1000 comprising basic food items, namely rice, lentils, oil, sugar, spices, onions and tomatoes as well as hygiene materials like soap, gloves and masks.

Any contribution towards this cause is welcome. We would be grateful for your support in this task and will keep you updated of the progress of our work.

You've a Campaign in mind? Let's launch a new one.
We would love to listen to your ideas, opinions, advices, criticisms, insights, or perhaps, just a word of encouragement.​

Life is a campaign not a battle, and has its defeats as well as its victories.

Don Piatt