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Project Promotion:

Local Adaptation

We present your complex ideas in a localised manner to have a deeper impact.

We understand that though the project may have been conceptualised and fructified at the higher echelons of an organisation, its success is often defined by its ability to reach the unreachable in diverse remote locations. Any top-down approach may seem alien to your constituents and the imposition may look high-handed. The same content translated, not just literally, but contextually may come across friendly and relevant.

It is increasingly recognized that small communities are likely to be the most severely affected and yet are least equipped to cope and adapt. Our adaptation of the project is designed to implement community-based projects that seek to enhance the understanding of communities, and/or the ecosystems on which they rely, to change-related impacts. We create focused task forces to achieve adaptation at the local level.

Functions under Local Adaptation


We convert your global message to a local lingo and style

A mere translation of content to a new language may lack the warmth and teeth to effectively convey change. To ensure positive results, we adapt the project’s communication articles into local context to suit their idiom of thought. We undertake a two-pronged approach to address this, by first literally translating to a local language and then getting it verified by a local subject matter expert.


We adapt your branding to local flavour and taste

Similar to the text, visual translation is also required to localise the project. All natives have a different understanding of colors, motifs and symbols. Thus, by taking into account the end-user’s graphics and imagery, we can successfully convey the message. The usage of localised photos and illustrations will make the materials relatable and affable.


We concentrate & occupy the imagination of a local region

If resources allow, audio-visuals can be an endearing form of communicating messages to remote communities. But, the essence of subtitled films will be lost in translation. Given an opportunity, we can completely recreate the film from the audience's perspective or at the least we can re-edit and dub it to the local taste.

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