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Turnkey Production:

Innovative Product Development

We employ human-centric design processes to develop products that promise change

We undertake product innovation and development projects to introduce new products or enhance the quality and overall performance of goods or services. Our work encompasses radical innovation, aiming to develop new products, and incremental innovation, focusing on improving existing products. In addition to product innovation, we support organizations in delivering change by undertaking cost-cutting innovation and process innovation.

We initiate the process with research on the needs of constituents and conduct primary or secondary market research to survey available solutions. Analyzing gaps between demand and supply, we evaluate different possibilities. Once a successful solution is found, we create a prototype and test the product with a small group to gain insights into its effectiveness from the potential user’s perspective. After necessary adjustments, we then focus on finding conscious production methodologies and scaling production sustainably.

Functions under Innovative Product Development


We conceptualise and create new solutions for pestering problems

We produce commodities to satisfy current wants or needs, distributing durable and non-durable goods and services in the development sector. These items are distributed to distressed constituents, households, communities, schools, hospitals, etc., facilitating better delivery of services by organizations to their staff and partners.


We test and transform the product to perform at its best

Sometimes, intermediary products or services are required for effective functioning. Usables are enabling products that make jobs easier, often being reusable items. We produce innovative products that assist in development work, creating indirect impact.


We find ways for you to enable people to earn a livelihood

These products facilitate further production and livelihood generation. As the saying goes, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." Skilling is crucial for emancipation, and we collaborate with you to create capital products that help constituents use them to earn their livelihood.

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