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Improve Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.​



Integral World plays a crucial role in advancing SDG 9 by supporting the development and improvement of sustainable infrastructure and industry. This includes investing in transportation, communication, and energy infrastructure, as well as promoting innovation and technology adoption. By prioritizing sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity in infrastructure projects, Integral World facilitates economic growth, connectivity, and sustainable development.

Integral World supports the adoption of innovative technologies, promotes research and development, and facilitates knowledge transfer to enhance productivity and promote sustainable industrialization. By advocating for fostering innovation, improving infrastructure, and supporting sustainable industrial practices, Integral World contributes to economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development. By promoting sustainable industry, innovation, and infrastructure, Integral World contributes to economic development, job creation, and technological progress, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for all.



Integral World is dedicated to realizing Goal 9 by fostering resilient infrastructure, sustainable industrialization, and innovation. We prioritize the development of quality, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure accessible to all, especially in rural areas. By promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial practices, we aim to boost employment and GDP, particularly in least developed countries. We facilitate financial access for small-scale enterprises, integrating them into value chains and markets.

Additionally, we advocate for sustainable development by upgrading infrastructure and industries to reduce carbon emissions and enhance resource efficiency. Through investment in scientific research and technological advancements, especially in developing countries, we encourage innovation and R&D spending. By providing financial, technological, and technical support to developing countries, we ensure the development of resilient infrastructure. We also promote domestic technology development and strive for universal access to information and communication technology, fostering economic growth and sustainable development globally.


  • Sustainable Infrastructure Development: Integral World supports the development and improvement of sustainable infrastructure, focusing on transportation, communication, and energy systems.
  • Innovation and Technology Adoption: Integral World promotes innovation and the adoption of new technologies to drive economic growth and enhance industrial productivity.
  • Investment in Sustainable Industry: Integral World invests in projects that promote sustainable industrial practices, resource efficiency, and green technologies.
  • Resilient and Inclusive Infrastructure: Integral World prioritizes the development of infrastructure that is resilient to natural disasters and inclusive to all communities, including marginalized groups.
  • Research and Development Support: Integral World supports research and development initiatives to drive innovation, enhance industrial competitiveness, and address societal challenges.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building: Integral World facilitates knowledge sharing and capacity building to empower individuals and organizations with the skills and expertise needed for sustainable industry and innovation.
  • Job Creation and Economic Growth: Integral World’s efforts in promoting sustainable industry, innovation, and infrastructure contribute to job creation, economic growth, and poverty reduction.
  • Connectivity and Access: Integral World aims to enhance connectivity and access to infrastructure services, such as transportation and communication, to promote social and economic inclusion.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Protection: Integral World integrates sustainability principles into industry and infrastructure projects, considering environmental impacts and promoting resource efficiency.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Integral World fosters partnerships and collaborations with governments, businesses, and organizations to leverage resources, expertise, and knowledge in achieving SDG 9.
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