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Purpose Definition:

Value & Dharma Definition

We believe having a strong foundation is the basis for lasting structure

Like people, organisations also need a value system for a cultured and conscious existence. These principles also become the pillar behind each action. Without the defined values or dharma, it becomes unclear for others to understand what the organisation stands for, and more importantly, for the organisation itself to make principled decisions on every turn and corner. 

We begin by rooting for personal values of the leadership. Organisation is a construct of collective personalities. This exercise helps the leadership also understand the individual values and pursuing debates may help them find common threads and bond better. This may also lend you an opportunity to look at other organisations for inspiration and learn from their background.

Functions under Value & Dharma Definition


An inward quest to see what defines us

The questionnaire is the moot point from where we begin our journey inwards. With each question and each answer the scope widens and narrows at the same time. We conduct the necessary primary and secondary research to preemptively prepare for the forthcoming workshop deliberations.


Unravelling the layers for clarity

The working of the workshop is designed to dig deeper into our beliefs and find the core that connects us. Armed with the direct and indirect research, our actions would be directed towards diving deeper into our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious selves to find inspiration for the collective organisation.


Refining and defining the key values

After the workshop, our efforts will be directed towards collating and organising the debated information into formal value directions. Our job entails sieving through a barrage of point of views and finding logical, practical, relatable set of values. Clear enumeration of dharma will assist in internal and external operations equally well.

Ready to define your Values & Dharmas?