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Project Promotion:

IEC Modules

We make sure the information, education and communication aspects are in sync

Any project’s success is defined by its ability to impact change. To ensure success, it is paramount that the ideals, process and the outcomes are clearly communicated to the stakeholders. Constituents are to be informed about the purpose of yours and supporters organisation. They need to be educated about the process of change and the possible benefits they could reap of it. At the same time, their opinions and needs are to be recorded and understood, to study their perspective and improve the efficacy of delivery.

Our primary focus while creating IEC related materials is to abide by the objectives of the project and deliver the message in a most creative and comprehensible manner. We look at the content from the contextual perspective and present it minimally but with clarity. We try to keep the brand voice and tone consistent across all deliverables while being very considerate of the end users sensibilities and sensitivities. Finally, we make sure all your modules have a strong call to action to usher change.

Functions under IEC Modules


We create collaterals that are relatable and reliable

Given your audience you may have to to rely on the trusted printed materials to take the message across. Sometimes the words may not be appropriate too and visual means may well be the only option. We create engaging content and present it in an encouraging manner to be printed and distributed to reach designated audience.


We harness the digital tools for deliver of the project

We introduce technology to deliver efficient information, education and communication modules in an effective and quick mode. We understand the modalities and difficulties in taking the message across and bring in help of digital wherever necessary to ease the process. We simplify the digital tools properly to serve the audience and help you achieve your objectives.


We find and tell empathetic stories that connect

Audio visual is a powerful medium to deliver your project related message in a convincing and effective manner. Storytelling through moving images is a proven form of communicating cutting across cultural educational gender age related barriers. We can inform your audience about your project, or educate a particular concept, or communicate a certain aspect through the film medium successfully.

Offerings related to Project Promotion:
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