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Monitoring and Evaluation:

Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation

We conduct impartial evaluation of your performance to rate different aspects

An evaluation is a systematic and objective examination of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of activities in light of specific objectives. The goal is to identify errors to prevent their repetition and highlight successful mechanisms for current and future projects.

An important aspect of our evaluation process is to provide recommendations and lessons to project managers and implementation teams. These insights benefit both ongoing projects and those with similar objectives in the future. Evaluations also indirectly serve as a means to report to donors, ensuring transparent and well-managed use of donated funds. As evaluators, we assess targeted outputs and outcomes, analyzing both quantitative and qualitative aspects and reporting our findings to relevant parties.

Functions under Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation

Monetary Performance

We check how money is affecting your actions

Sometimes, numbers may seem sufficient but can be misleading, as they may not reflect the actual impact on people's lives. Our evaluation methodologies use highly sensitive humanitarian data points to assess performance. Even when examining monetary measures, we seek to understand the value achieved for each unit of currency spent.

Programmatic Performance

We assess the potency of your implementation efforts

Evaluating your programmatic performance involves scrutinizing your intentions and actions. We analyze your initial intentions, conduct a thorough need analysis, and compare it with your actual performance. We examine the progress made and the enriching aspects of your journey.

Schedule Performance

We estimate your organisational skills and schemes

Time is a significant factor in evaluating your performance. We assess whether interventions were provided when most needed and within the promised timeframe. We also evaluate the quality of time spent, ensuring actions align with planned phases and were not rushed or delivered haphazardly at any stage.

Offerings related to Monitoring and Evaluation:
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