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Monitor and evaluate

We carefully observe the work process and independently measure the results to assess and evaluate the progress and suggest ways to correct your course, if required.


Our evaluation extends to projects, programs, and campaigns initiated by institutions and social organizations. The overarching goal is to enhance the current and future management of outputs, outcomes, and impact. Monitoring involves a continuous assessment of programs, providing early detailed information on the progress or delays in ongoing activities. Evaluation, on the other hand, scrutinizes the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of activities in alignment with specific objectives.

We conduct monitoring and evaluation processes mandated by donors financing the assessed activities. This could be as an independent branch of the implementing organization or as the project holders or implementing team ourselves. The credibility and objectivity of our monitoring and evaluation reports stem from our attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the entire picture. Our expertise and ability to work independently are crucial factors for our success. Monitoring is viewed as overseeing actions in relation to the initial plan, while result measurement gauges performance against the original promise. Evaluation delves into checking the quality of actions in relation to quantitative aspects. Assessment work involves impartial and honest critique of past performance, addressing gaps, and moving forward with a fresh perspective.

Diligent Monitoring

We are observant and cognisant of your actions vis-a-vis your aspirations and report diligently

Good planning is an essential element for any successful project, programme or organisation. While carrying out the actions according to the plan, it is crucial to combine it with an effective monitoring system. It can play a major role in enhancing the effectiveness of the development actions. A diligent monitoring setup will help you learn from past successes and challenges and inform decision making so that current and future initiatives are better able to improve people's lives and make an impact.

Result Measurement

We gauge your outcome in comparison with the efforts and investments on your commitments

The credibility of your projects and organisations depends to a large extent on the manner in which monitoring and evaluation is conducted. To assess performance, it is necessary to measure the results of all indicators, which were selected before and monitored during the implementation of the project.

Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation

We conduct impartial evaluation of your performance to rate different aspects

An evaluation is a systematic and objective examination concerning the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of activities in the light of specific objectives. The idea in evaluating projects is to isolate errors in order to avoid repeating them and to underline and promote the successful mechanisms for current and future projects.

Impartial Critique and Assessment

We analyse your performance and assess it for its merits and shortcomings

A project assessment is a most critical service in our monitoring and evaluation programme. It is intended to ensure the social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being of constituents and communities from any significant adverse effects that may be caused by a development project. We look at your past performance, find the gaps for you to fix and move forward.

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