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We believe in you, if you're courageous enough to believe in a new world. We intend to support, sustain and scale your work to higher standards with enhanced capabilities and integral capacities.


We help establish and act towards

Maximising the positive impact

When we integrate with you, we learn about your purpose and build strategies to realise it, in accordance with your priority, preference, and provision.

In the contemporary world, nonprofits are gaining larger importance than ever. They serve as conscience keepers and fill the void created by opposing interests. The automated nature of our work in future and the environmental conditions, Nonprofits have a very important role in shaping human-centred approaches, humane attitude towards each other and nature-friendly humanity.

As a nonprofit, you may understand the need to strategically stand up for your long-standing ideals and communicate transparently with a wide variety of the audience. Apart from serving the basic needs of the society and addressing various economic ecological political topics you may also understand the need to connect with people across the board. Be it persuading and impressing the donors, and/or inspiring and raising the bar of your peers and colleagues, and/or informing and mobilising the constituents, outreach plays a crucial role in setting the tone and establishing your story. We recommend and assist you in earmarking certain necessary portions of your programme budget towards awareness actions. 

We primarily work with large and medium-sized nonprofits simply because they are the usual ones with long-term strategy and overarching mandate. The administrative setup and their financial wherewithal is congenial to a more robust and planned roadmap. But that does not limit us from working with inspiring and effective smaller nonprofits and motivated personality-driven initiatives on specific objectives or frameworks. Along with offering consulting opportunities, we can also collaborate in myriad other ways. On a regular basis, we also offer free packages to support a topic or a theme. We do this by first requesting an ‘expression of interest’ and upon selection through a predetermined process, we implement the package in the selected organisation. 

The strategy solutions that we offer are designed to provide you with a clear vision of purpose and alignment of your focus. Once that clarity is achieved, the next set of exercises are towards identifying, connecting and communicating your message and ideals. Thereafter, if required, we assist in implementing outreach related tasks and projects to make sure the plan is executed to the tee.

Our Social Stories framework is pre-designed specifically for the nonprofits to learn, launch and leverage the communication actions. 

We help

Strengthen your
Organisational Communication

The cohesive and collective story that you tell as an organisation helps form the reputation of your work, which will create a favourable condition preceding any actual action.

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We help


We help in boosting the ability to back your nonprofit aspirations, which is largely dependent on the resources you can muster on a sustainable basis.

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We help

Impactful Campaigns

Sometimes, a simple change in behaviour or attitude can bring about an immense amount of difference. We can never underestimate the power of social campaigning.

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We help

Build your

After going through an intense process of securing resources and partners to carry out your mission, you still need a robust strategy and a thought out communication roadmap to successfully carry out a programme.

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Integral Focus

Social Stories

Our nonprofit strategy advisory offerings and communication work are synergistic and mutually reinforcing. Our extensive experience with the nonprofit sector makes us realistic, grounded analysts of long-term opportunity, challenges, purpose, and value. Similarly, our extensive experience throughout the development sector, as consultants and being a nonprofit ourselves, makes us highly credible, effective experts on social matters.

Let's help your nonprofit create lasting change!
We would love to provide consultation, collaborate and create something new together, or simply know you being from the same sector. Leave a message!
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