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We help you

Come together
for a change

There’s a world of difference to be made and not everything has to wait for some watershed moment for attention. We can collaborate with your institution and co-create instances to progress constantly.


We can unite and cooperate with you to

Innovate for breaking new grounds

We can get together, club together and work together to integrate resources to form a new initiative or idea.

Integral World’s primary focus is on SDG17 – sustainable development through global partnerships. We believe a lot can be achieved merely by joining hands and putting the efforts together. There are amazing goodwill and interests around the world trying their best to bring change. Our endeavour is to be the catalyst and get varied interests and experiences together, to learn from each other, pool resources and create magic. 

Even under SDG17, we work specifically on capacity building and systemic issues. We strive to enhance international support for implementing effective and targeted capacity-building in developing countries to support national plans to implement all the sustainable development goals, including through North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation. We work on policy and institutional cohesion by enhancing global, national, and regional macroeconomic stability, including through policy coordination and policy coherence for sustainable development. We do so by respecting the country’s policy space and leadership to establish and implement policies for poverty eradication and sustainable development by creating multi-stakeholder partnerships. 

We mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals. We encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships, building on the experience and resourcing strategies of partnerships. We can collaborate in multiple ways according to your purpose and scope.



We can together look at the larger picture and collaborate to create a project of any scale that we deem fit to address the issues at large and provide positive solutions.

We design projects based on four phases. First, the inquiry. We conduct research and survey to study the issue in-depth to get to the bottom of the problem. This informs our course of action. Second, we find insights related to the topic from various perspectives and get our minds to wrap around the subject immersively. We also delve into the success stories and the failed experiences before moving on the next phase of ideating. The third phase of brainstorming and figuring out new ways to tackle the challenges is very exciting and enriching. We then dip test, learn, and evolve with the project. And, finally, when all the stakeholders are satisfied with the efforts, we enter into the last phase of implementation. 

The scope and scale of our collaboration are entirely mutual. We do not come with preconceived notions and let the partnerships evolve organically. Whatever may be the arrangement, we are happy to work dedicatedly on our side of the agreement. The only expectation we’ve out of our partner is that they keep their end of the bargain, which is only fair in the larger interests.



If you think awareness itself is enough to spark a change, advent newness and help people progress, we’ve ideas to share, contribute and make convincing campaigns.


Campaigns are a great way to bring important issues to attend to the otherwise much-distracted audience. Awareness may in itself be the target, irrespective of it being accompanied by action or not. We can collaborate and share our resources to create, launch, propagate and sustain campaigns related to various themes, space and time. If you believe in behaviour change communication, we can create awareness campaigns to spread the message and make the difference. If you think, by coming together you can create some much-required traction and mobilise people to be a part of it, we’re game for that too. And, if you want to collaborate to multiply forces and magnify the voice to make a policy level impact, provided our visions align, we must connect and work on this too. 

The scope of the campaign may vary greatly in depth and scope depending on the situation. It can be generic issue-based or may emerge from the arising priority. The campaign can be designed based on the time or the desired outcome. Also, depending on the resources, we can either organise a targeted or ultra-focused campaign or be wide-ranging and overarching in approach.



Organising or participating in an event is a rewarding medium to engage people on a personal level and if required persuade them on a one to one basis.

We can collaborate towards either creating a new event or to participate in the pre-established ones. By coming together, we can share the resources and responsibilities and make any idea, a reality. Of course, everything depends on our shared interests. But, to give you an example, we can collaborate towards an event specifically aimed at either the nonprofit sector, or the government sector, or the CSR sector, or the institutions, and, or the foundations in particular. Events could also be arranged according to the themes of SDGs – people, planet, prosperity, peace or partnership. Or, perhaps, could also be according to the programmes we run, related to strategy, communication and action. 

The works related to any event can be broadly categorised as pre-event, pro-event, and post-event.  The event could be organised at an offline venue depending on the target audience, or after the post-COVID world, online events could be a viable option too. We can collaborate towards creating a one-time event or also invest our efforts and energy towards establishing a regular property event.



At times, the unanswered questions are unrelenting and going to the depth of it and understanding deeply to find answers becomes imperative.


When we look at the targets and indicators of 17 SDGs under the United Nations, we see that the problems are there because it is complex and there are no easy answers. In our research endeavours, we study the challenges closely and observe probable solutions from around the world for its successes and also the failures. Then according to the context, we gauge different hypotheses on the parameters of the past, present and future, given various metrics to observe from. We experiment, prove, test, document our processes and report for the world to benefit from. All our efforts remain grounded and above academic purposes with an action-oriented and result oriented approach.

We can partner on the basis of the team or on capabilities. Depending on our understanding, between us we can survey, study, analyse, document on any given subject. You can conduct the research on the basis of primary or secondary sources of information in a direct or indirect manner. Our research could specifically focus on the problem, or on the obstacles, or on the solutions, or on a combined form.     



Creating a product together is a physical way to manifest the collaboration and it can be done to aid, assist or advance our resolve to create a better world.

We can create usable products which individuals or institutions can put them to use themselves or make it as a givables to be distributed amongst its constituents. We can also categorise the products as one-time consumables or as the that enables others in a longer period of time. Another way to look at the product is in terms of it being easily movable or if it is of more durable variety. Whatever is your liking we can collaborate as per our strengths and manifest something worthwhile. We can begin at the ideation phase, prototype different models, test for its efficacy and finally launch as per our plan. Depending on the product we may also include more collaborators if required.

We can contribute to different stages of production and promotion. To begin with, we can show time and in the ideation phase with our insights and creative abilities and moving forward we can also help in the prototyping and testing through our design thinking expertise. In the promotional aspects, we can look at the branding packaging pricing of the product depending on the place and people that we choose to make it for.



If we are on the same page, we should join hands and get more like-minded folks to the fold and see how we can foster change in a collective manner.


Belonging to Auroville, being in a collective, sharing responsibilities and thinking as a cooperative comes naturally to us. We generally work under the influence of organised an hour key where there is a clear balance between the definition of work and freedom of performance. Being together, we can look for further opportunities to benefit from and also foresee probable threats and challenges and work together to overcome those and basically look after each other back. We can collaborate on a regional scale, at the national level, or on a global stage. We can define and divide the scope of work to manifest the newer possibilities. 

We can network on the lines of strategy, communication or implementation of people planet prosperity and peace-related themes. We can collaborate to share best practices or to set sustainable standards. We can decide amongst ourselves between the linear versus fractal method of working and even agree on the approach to organising ourselves, whether in a hierarchical or random manner.



We believe in unending learning for constant progress and sharing our knowledge is part of the process to further enhance our wisdom and for pure joy of contribution.

We love to share as much as we love to learn and if you share the same passion we can collaborate to eat, train, transform as many as possible. Collaboration enables us to reach more and beyond and in turn, enriches each of us through shared stories. We can come together to develop study materials, create a platform for teaching and sharing, branding and designing and packaging different course materials according to the demography or the geography of the expected receiving constituents. The courses may depend on the proficiency levels – basic, intermediate or professionals and can be catered according to online or off-line audiences.

We can collaborate to create modules for running workshops on any given theme, sector or subject. We can partner to create pedagogies or disseminate the courses depending on your interests and capabilities. We can create and design courses for individuals or for institutions in the non-profit, government, CSR, educational, foundations, or for Community based organisations.



We wish to make sure that the right ideas reach the right people at the right time, as knowledge is power and people need to be empowered to make our world a better place.


We can create any publication as a standalone outcome or it can be a part of a larger research and networking collaboration. The subject of the publication can fall under the purview of SDGs or the programmes that we work under. Irrespective, we can find ways to research, create, craft, finalise, design and publish different kinds of publications. We can plan together and decide on further collating different information, categorising them, making sense of the data, finding insights, and presenting all the useful information in an appropriate manner to reach the rightful audience. In general the tone of our publications or bijective in essence, which combines our objective understanding of the challenges and obstacles and our subjective sense of solutions and outcomes. 

In actionable terms we can collaborate to coordinate, co-research, cowrite, codesign, or copublish for online to offline purposes. The outcome may range from articles, op-Ed, blog, books, documentaries, information booklets to Training modules, capacity building tools, etc. In the end, we do not judge the efficacy of our publication by sheer volume, but by the value, it eventually adds.

Wish to collaborate to bring change?
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We would love to listen to your ideas, opinions, advices, criticisms, insights, or perhaps, just a word of encouragement.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is a success. 

Henry Ford