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Monitoring and Evaluation:

Measurement Tools

We prepare you for the desperate times so that you can take disciplined measures

Though you may be diligently monitoring your organisation’s performance, you need intelligent, relevant, specific measurement tools to measure the progress. Without these tools in place you may believe you are on your path, but it is difficult to comprehend how far you have come, and how much is left. These tools would help you pinpoint the problem areas and save you from wasting time searching for them, in case of a lag.

Our strategy begins with the search for available tools and finding ways to customise it to suit your requirements. During our interaction, the main task is to recognise suitable tools for different monitoring purposes. The identification of proper tools will help align your purpose and your team’s performance in a congenial way, and without this there will be a disarray and lack of motivation.

Functions under Measurement Tools


We apprise you with the full measure of the situation

Our basic research comprises preliminary explorations into your work process and monitoring measures. Going deeper we look into your peer organisations’ monitoring and evaluation strategies. Apart from studying the best practises, we look into your on-ground operations and check for realities and constraints.


We help you set measures that build your confidence

The whole point behind having a strategy for measuring your progress is to improve the efficiency and deliver to the best of your ability. We explored with you different measures by studying the research and going through your specific experience. The concept involves practical measurement tools that inspire you to stay on course, fostering confidence to persist with full enthusiasm.


We make the reports absolutely to your measure

The report is the culmination of the research and the discussions, and we distil the information into concise, easy to understand and implement measurement tools. This declaration would help your management team to clearly comprehend what is expected of them and deliver being in alignment with the aspirations.

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