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Public Relations Management:

Indirect Engagement

We help you reach your audience indirectly and engage them for mutual benefit

In general, people trust the news outlets and other neutral information dissemination platforms for that they do not have an agenda in promoting a particular viewpoint. even though they may not be seeking information related to you, references regarding your work might make them take subtle notice of your actions. This could prove to be a great instrument to establish trust amongst your constituents and peer groups and motivate them to engage with you in your change-making process. 

We tackle this by studying your purpose and taking note of actions worthy of news. We survey the market and observe the trending topics and then position your actions vis-a-vis those trends. We craft your story, bearing the prevailing situation and deliver it to key outlets for the information to take it on course. To make this happen we scan the possible media outlets and find the likely partners would be interested in taking up your story.

Functions under Indirect Engagement


We explore and find appropriate print media to reach your audience

We look at multiple print mediums like newspapers, magazines etc. and find resonating outlets to pursue to carry your message. We conduct the research on similar coverages and give them correct talking points for them to get interested in and expand on. A lot depends on the study of your audience to understand print channels that penetrate their attention span.


We navigate the web to unearth and engage connections

By far the vastest medium to find a niche in. One can easily lose the way in the ocean of web channels and never be able to arrive at the shores of your audience's attention without appropriate navigation tools. We use the findings from our audience analysis as the guiding force, directing our communication efforts to disseminate your message in their surroundings and sway them toward your cause.


We leverage the electronic media to effectively engage

The mechanics of propagating through electronic media is similar to the print media with one exception of its need to access in-person delivery of messages, on demand, sometimes. There is a great difficulty in availing the ‘on-air’ time compared to other media, but if rightly done, the impact could prove to be exponential.

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