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Strengthen Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.​



Integral World actively contributes to promoting peaceful and inclusive societies by fostering dialogue, conflict resolution, and advocating for human rights and social justice. The organization recognizes that sustainable development hinges on establishing strong institutions that uphold the rule of law and ensure equal access to justice for all.

Integral World facilitates peacebuilding initiatives, mediation training, and reconciliation processes to prevent violence and resolve conflicts through non-violent means. It empowers marginalized groups, addresses root causes of conflicts, and promotes inclusive decision-making to enhance social cohesion. Through awareness campaigns and capacity building, Integral World nurtures a culture of peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding. By collaborating with stakeholders across levels, Integral World influences policy making for protecting human rights, combating discrimination, and strengthening accountability mechanisms. Its holistic approach tackles inequalities, fosters participatory governance, and contributes to building resilient institutions founded on principles of justice, equality, and respect for human dignity.



As an integral part of Auroville’s commitment to sustainable development, we at Integral World strive to contribute to SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. Our purpose is to actively foster peaceful and inclusive societies by advocating for human rights, promoting social justice, and strengthening institutional frameworks. Integral World facilitates dialogue, mediation, and conflict resolution processes to prevent violence and resolve disputes peacefully. We empower marginalized communities, address root causes of conflicts, and promote inclusive decision-making processes to enhance social cohesion and harmony. Through awareness campaigns, capacity-building programs, and collaboration with stakeholders, we aim to nurture a culture of peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding within communities. We advocate for policies that protect human rights, combat discrimination, and enhance accountability mechanisms to ensure equal access to justice for all.

Our holistic approach addresses inequalities, promotes participatory governance, and contributes to building resilient institutions founded on principles of justice, equality, and respect for human dignity. Integral World is dedicated to creating a world where peace, justice, and strong institutions prevail for the betterment of all.


  • Peacebuilding: Fostering dialogue, tolerance, and reconciliation for peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Human Rights Advocacy: Protecting and promoting equal rights and opportunities for all.
  • Strong Institutions: Supporting the establishment of just and inclusive institutions.
  • Violence Prevention: Working towards preventing violence and promoting non-violent approaches.
  • Community Engagement: Ensuring active participation and representation of communities in decision-making processes.
  • Conflict Transformation: Addressing underlying causes of conflicts and promoting sustainable solutions.
  • Partnership Building: Collaborating with governments, organizations, and communities for collective efforts.
  • Education and Awareness: Promoting peace, human rights, and conflict resolution through education and awareness programs.
  • Sustainable Development: Integrating peacebuilding efforts with other SDGs for holistic and sustainable development.
  • Global Peace Advocacy: Participating in global peace advocacy, collaborating with international organizations and initiatives.
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