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Donor Engagement:

Proposal Writing

We present your compelling case in a way that it neatly aligns with the donor's aspirations.

A proposal is an essential marketing document that helps cultivate an initial professional relationship between an organization and a donor over a project to be implemented. The proposal details the implementing organization’s project plan, providing comprehensive information on the intention, implementation strategies, management approach, and expected outcomes.

A crucial document, a proposal is vital. Sometimes, a concept note precedes, outlining project basics. However, presenting the project in a framework poses a significant challenge. The proposal, with a formal framework, conveys ideas clearly to donors. Additionally, ideas must be documented in writing to exist. Thus, a proposal provides the right words for idea conception.

Functions under Proposal Writing


We propose to add strength to the efforts of the government

We are aware that government agencies provide funding for innovative ideas to make a change in the system for the betterment of the society, not because your proposal is well written. New funds will be provided when they feel their goals will be met and thus we approach from the perspective of donor’s objectives too. The connection you build may stand you a good chance to win their trust and funds.


We offer your local value to the global actions

We identify the idea for pitching to the institutional donor whom we assist in selecting through innovative research. When the possible funding sources are recognised we help you conduct pre-proposal contacts and write the initial proposal drafts. We review and edit the draft proposal to be submitted for donor’s perusal.

Philanthropy / Foundations

Grant access to each other’s strengths to multiply effects

The philanthropic foundations may have their own short and long-term needs depending on their assessment. Our endeavour is to understand how their funding decisions are made and brainstorm with you to identify key value propositions to be offered. We obtain additional information regarding prior winning proposals in the same program and understand review criteria and address them effectively.

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