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Programme Designing:

Location Recognition

We think to reach the right people; you need to first identify the right place.

In the development sector, one of the most crucial aspects of solution delivery is reaching the deserving candidates. As much as it may seem obvious, it is one of the crucial factors. The people are dispersed in diverse conditions, and there is no single reliable way to reach them. Sifting through multiple options and gleaning through various data, informed decisions are made.

For the programme to be successful, it needs to first reach the right place. Your organisation might seek maximum impact with any given action, and you may have conducted the need analysis, but to fully realise the programme, you need to find the location, where it might be most useful. The need exploration may look at the demographic motivations, but this exercise focuses on the geographic considerations.

Functions under Location Recognition


An attempt to locate the gap

Taking cue from your aspirations and we conduct our study related to demography and geography. We look into the organisation’s compulsions considering its strengths, staff, solutions and most importantly supporters’ preferences. With this premise, we find the gaps on ground to be filled by your actions.


An exercise to bridge the gulf

Our facilitation begins by appraising you of our research and initiating a conversation related to the location of the gaps. We will try to find the need from the study of its density and evaluate the worth on the basis of return on investment. A focused debate would result in saving wasted and underutilised efforts.


Establishing robust routes to success

A comprehensive listing of intended working locations is a priceless attribute of a resolute organisation. This declaration will help your future staff, collaborators, contributors and constituents to unambiguously understand your operation. This self-demarcated purview would enable you to bring about deeper change, by avoiding spreading thin.

Offerings related to Programme Designing:
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