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Brand Building:

Brand Essence

We engage with you to find your organisation’s very own distinctive character

The essence of a brand forms the foundation of its external perception. Evaluating brand value goes beyond explicit attributes or the benefits offered to the audience. The main essence of your brand is judged by the audience from their value perspective and the implicit personality you exude through your actions.

When we work with you, we strive to strike a balance between your heads and hearts. We find ways to make sure your vision, values and beliefs are grounded and aligned. We analyse your brand to see how far you walk your talk. We observe how you look, talk and behave as an organisation. As they say, the proof is in the pudding and the devil is in the detail, we look and work closely to provide detailed proof.

Functions under Brand Essence


We strive to seek balance between your heads and hearts.

Our study is primarily three-pronged. We look at your organisation, your sector, and your audience. We begin with vision and objectives. We observe the nomenclature and semiotics. We study the attributes and survey the overall benefits. We analyse the culture, positioning and personality and value proposition to prepare for the workshop.


With you, we’ll find ways to walk the talk

The workshop on brand essence, as probably expected, begins with the core brand purpose. We proceed towards exploring the brand’s rationale benefits and differentiate them from the emotional benefits. We study the brand’s kinesthetic appeal to your audience, along with it we focus on the value propositions.


We serve the pudding with pleased devils

We present the proofs debated in the workshop to make the pudding sweet for your brand’s audience. We create the recipe for your brand’s success and minutely look at the details from multiple perspectives. The report reiterates the brand truths, brand personalities and the potential brand effects.

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