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Resource Mobilization:

Emergency Fundraising

We prepare now to enhance your power to respond better when emergency strikes

The emergencies strike unannounced, and the response needs to be immediate. Scouting for resource planning after emergency hits, may make you miss the bus. It is prudent to be prepared proactively to respond to such situations. Already the time may be short to put the plan into action. Moreover, you will be busy managing the situation and may not have a calm to plan.

We accomplish the strategy by playing out multiple scenarios and contemplating appropriate solutions. Accordingly we plan out various ways to address the emergency expediently. We dedicate quick response teams and define their roles to be carried out on their own. After emergency, the efficacy in executing the plan and reaching out to pre-designated audiences and raising resources is a matter of life and death, at times.

Functions under Emergency Fundraising


We study the past to be prepared for beck and call

We study other emergencies of the past and try to learn from it. We look at examples from near and far and closely scrutinise how they have managed to respond to emergencies in quick fashion, while others struggled to put their act together. We try to survey quantitatively, the resources raised, source of it, unit worth of it, the manner of acquisition, et cetera.


We keep your present capabilities in mind to propose new ideas

Along with you we study and scrutinise the research done to understand about emergency response. A lot depends on how the response is defined and further steps are agreed upon. With this prefiguration exercise, you may also identify and recognise specific immediate resource mobilisation methods.


The future maybe unpredictable but our response may not be

The report consists of predictable standard operating procedure in case of an emergency. It defines appropriate response measures and methods to back it. The plan consists of ways to raise monetary resources immediately after the emergency, and also means of involving human resources to adequately support your effort.

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