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Create Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.​



Integral World plays a crucial role in advancing decent work and sustainable economic growth by supporting entrepreneurship, providing business development services, and facilitating access to finance. Additionally, Integral World advocates for fair labor practices, promotes skills development, and fosters inclusive business environments. By prioritizing the well-being and rights of workers, Integral World contributes to creating job opportunities, empowering individuals economically, and fostering sustainable economic development. Integral World supports entrepreneurship and SMEs through business development services, mentorship programs, and access to finance, advocating for fair labor practices and promoting skills development. By fostering inclusive business environments, Integral World helps create decent work opportunities, drive sustainable economic growth, and alleviate poverty. 

Integral World’s initiatives focus on promoting decent work and sustainable economic growth by providing entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and financial resources. By advocating for fair labor practices and supporting job creation, Integral World contributes to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction, fostering inclusive economic policies and enabling access to decent work opportunities.




Integral World is dedicated to advancing Goal 8 by promoting sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth alongside the creation of decent work opportunities. We support entrepreneurship, providing vital business development services and facilitating access to finance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Our support for advocacy for fair labor practices and skills development ensures that workers are empowered and treated equitably.

Integral World fosters an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and SME growth, driving economic productivity through diversification and innovation. By advocating for policies that support job creation and formalization of enterprises, we contribute to the realization of full and productive employment for all, including women, youth, and persons with disabilities. Furthermore, our efforts extend to eradicating forced labor, ending modern slavery and human trafficking, and ensuring safe working environments for all workers. By promoting sustainable tourism and strengthening financial institutions’ capacity for inclusive access to banking and financial services, Integral World paves the way for resilient economies and sustainable development.


  • Integral World supports entrepreneurship and SME development to foster economic growth and job creation.
  • We advocate for fair labor practices and prioritize the well-being of workers in promoting decent work.
  • Integral World promotes skills development and vocational training for enhanced employability and workforce readiness.
  • We facilitate access to finance and investment opportunities to support economic empowerment.
  • By fostering inclusive business environments, we drive sustainable economic growth and social impact.
  • Integral World promotes the growth of sustainable industries and value chains for a resilient economy.
  • We monitor and evaluate our initiatives to ensure effective outcomes and progress towards SDG 8.
  • Our focus is on creating an enabling environment for job creation, poverty reduction, and economic empowerment.
  • Integral World works towards bridging the skills gap and promoting inclusive employment opportunities.
  • We prioritize social and environmental sustainability in business practices to drive long-term economic growth.
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