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We can together look at the larger picture and collaborate to create a project of any scale that we deem fit to address the issues at large and provide positive solutions.



We design projects based on four phases. The first, is the inquiry. We conduct research and surveys to study the issue in-depth to get to the bottom of the problem. This informs our course of action. Second, we find insights related to the topic from various perspectives and get our minds to wrap around the subject immersively. We also delve into the success stories and the failed experiences before moving on to the next phase of ideating. The third phase of brainstorming and figuring out new ways to tackle the challenges is very exciting and enriching. We then dip test, learn, and evolve with the project. And, finally, when all the stakeholders are satisfied with the efforts, we enter into the last phase of implementation. 

Welcome to Collaborate with Integral World

The scope and scale of our collaboration are entirely mutual. We do not come with preconceived notions and let the partnerships evolve organically. Whatever may be the arrangement, we are happy to work dedicatedly on our side of the agreement. The only expectation we’ve out of our partner is that they keep their end of the bargain, which is only fair in the larger interests. 

Collaborative Project Approach: Crafting Change Together

At Integral World, we champion the strength of collaboration to tackle pressing issues and formulate positive solutions. Our joint projects, tailored to create a meaningful impact, adhere to a well-structured process encompassing distinct phases.

Inquiry and Research:

In this initial phase, we conduct comprehensive research and surveys to grasp the core of the issue. Insights gathered during this stage serve as the foundation for our subsequent actions.

Immersive Insights:

Exploring perspectives from various angles and delving into success stories and past experiences form a crucial step. This phase ensures a comprehensive understanding before moving forward.

Ideation and Brainstorming:

Engaging in exciting brainstorming sessions, we seek innovative solutions. This phase involves dip testing, learning, and evolving with the project, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach.


Transitioning to the final phase, we focus on implementing the project. Stakeholder satisfaction is paramount as we strive to bring our collaborative vision to fruition.

Organic Collaboration: Fostering Mutual Growth

Our approach to collaboration is rooted in mutual understanding and organic evolution. We embrace partnerships with an open mind, allowing them to develop naturally. Regardless of the arrangement, our commitment remains unwavering, and we expect reciprocal dedication from our partners.

Innovate for Breaking New Grounds:

Unifying and cooperating to integrate resources for new initiatives, we co-create instances that push boundaries and foster innovation.

SDG17 Focus:

Primarily centered on sustainable development through global partnerships (SDG17), our focus is on enhancing international support for capacity-building in developing countries.

Policy and Institutional Cohesion:

We actively work on policy coordination and coherence for sustainable development, mobilizing knowledge, expertise, technology, and financial resources.

Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships:

Encouraging effective public, public-private, and civil society partnerships, we collaborate in various ways based on your purpose and scope.

Join Us in Making a Difference
There's a world of difference waiting to be made, and we invite your institution to collaborate with us in co-creating instances of progress. Let's unite, cooperate, and innovate for positive change.

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