Auroville’s Unwavering Ideals in the Face of Global Trends: A Call for Alignment

Auroville, the international township known as the “City of Dawn,” is a unique embodiment of human aspiration and a vision for a more harmonious world. IntegralWorld’s “Auroville & SDGs” initiative seeks to marry Auroville’s age-old philosophy with the contemporary framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this exploration, we delve into the ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what’ behind this marriage of ideals and contemporary global trends.

Why “Auroville & SDGs”?

The heart of Auroville beats with ideals that transcend time and place, seeking to realize a world where individuals from all backgrounds coexist in perfect harmony. IntegralWorld’s “Auroville & SDGs” initiative finds its ‘why’ in the common ground between Auroville’s vision and the global commitment to the SDGs. Both share a fervent desire for a sustainable, equitable, and harmonious world, a vision that inspires this unique collaboration.

Auroville and the SDGs are kindred spirits, united by their dedication to unity, sustainability, and the betterment of all beings. IntegralWorld recognizes that by aligning these two paradigms, they can magnify the impact of Auroville’s ideals and bring the SDGs to life in the context of a living community.

How “Auroville & SDGs” Works:

IntegralWorld, in collaboration with Auroville, has devised a strategy that seamlessly merges the essence of Auroville’s philosophy with the principles of the SDGs:

Holistic Living: Auroville has been a pioneer in sustainable living, with practices such as ecological living, renewable energy, and minimal waste generation. These practices align closely with several SDGs, including those related to clean energy, sustainable cities, and responsible consumption.

Inclusive Growth: Auroville’s unwavering commitment to equality and social inclusion complements the core of the SDGs, which is to ‘leave no one behind.’ By empowering local communities and prioritizing inclusivity, Auroville sets a powerful example for the worldwide implementation of SDGs.

Education and Innovation: IntegralWorld taps into Auroville’s innovative educational programs to promote quality education and lifelong learning, a crucial element of SDG 4. The integration of innovative technologies supports other SDGs, particularly those focusing on industry, innovation, and infrastructure.

Environmental Sustainability: Auroville’s efforts in afforestation, reforestation, and water management make direct contributions to the SDGs related to life below water and life on land.

Community Engagement: “Auroville & SDGs” actively engages the local Auroville community in the pursuit of the SDGs, ensuring that development efforts are community-driven and responsive to their unique needs.

What “Auroville & SDGs” Achieves:

This unique amalgamation of Auroville and the SDGs is more than symbolic; it is a dynamic platform striving to:

Promote Sustainability: “Auroville & SDGs” serves as a practical model that demonstrates how Auroville’s sustainable living practices can be applied on a global scale.

Influence Global Change: By embodying Auroville’s values, this initiative inspires communities, businesses, and governments to embrace the SDGs as a blueprint for a better world.

Foster Global Unity: The collaboration between Auroville and the SDGs exemplifies humanity’s shared vision for a more inclusive and harmonious world.


“Auroville & SDGs” is not just an initiative; it’s a vision brought to life, a commitment, and a testament to the enduring relevance of Auroville’s ideals. By integrating these principles, IntegralWorld paves the way for a tangible and sustainable harmony, inspiring change and progress in our shared journey towards a better world. This unique marriage of ancient ideals and modern objectives invites us all to join in this call for alignment, affirming that a harmonious world is not only possible but necessary.

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